Last Minute Santa Advice!

Save $$$, Save Time!

Santa offers you these Apps to download for your x-tra Special night of Rampage!
And let’s thank Transport-Santa for all the Help!
  • GoPass (to buy DART rail passes)
  • PayByPhone (to pay for parking meters)
  • Lyft (car service)
  • Uber (car service — UberX is super affordable, Santa!)

Bring Cash. Santa’s from the North Pole. 

Think of this like your Candy-caned Center Pole of North Texas with all the Jingle Balls and Twinkle Lites on Top!

Bring Ones.
And Fives.
Carry a few Tens if you plan on buyin’ for a group of Santas!
Kringle Kash. Moolah. Green Stuff.
Dallas Santa Rampage is NOT the place to be with only a plastic card to buy your jolly.

Be Patient

Santa says Proof-Reader-Santa is checking the list, checking it twice….
Ensuring ALL Specials are there; printed real nice.

Also make sure Santa is PATIENT on the night of Rampage:

  • patient to get to the next SantaStop
  • patient to get a shot/beer/slice/taco at our venues
  • patient to get a bartender’s attention
  • patient to get into a stall (or in front of a urinal)
  • patient for change for that $100 (ass-hat-Santa!)
  • patient in the SANTA CONGA LINE!

ooops …

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