Santa Rampage Rule #2

Santa loves reindeer games, candy canes, stripper poles….
In order to make it completely through Rampage, wear *comfortable* shoes so you can walk and enter/exit the rail line safely.
We will be using public transportation. Buy your DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) Pass…buy it early, even. It will work for a 24-hour time period.
more to come…


Santa Rampage Rule #1

AND so begins the RULES of RAMPAGE!
Number One
• Santa acts like Santa. Be jolly. Belly laugh. Let people sit on your lap. Give out gifts.
Do NOT be that drunk-jerk-ass-mo-fo-sh*t-head-in-the-red-suit kind of Santa. You got two weeks to get in a good mood.
Get your cheer on NOW!

Santa & I know it: instructional video for Dallas Santas


Hey, Santa…you got PASSION in your PANTS? Then, do the dance, Santa…do that dance!

Join Santa in this year’s flash mob dance! Time and place — during the Rampage (TBA). Watch the video. Practice the dance. Yell out the words. It’s EASY. If these elves can do it, Santa can too! We are going to rock it with 300 of us. HO!