You don’t contact Santa!
Santa contacts you!

Santa depends on the generous donations (large and small) from Dallas Santas. The more donations we get, the more fun we can provide for Santa. Please Paypal your donation to Santa will use it wisely. Remember, we do not collect ticket money for this event in order to keep it as affordable and do-it-yourself as possible.

If you want to keep up with what Santa is up to, please join the Facebook group (unless you’re a G+ snob, then don’t worry about it). The Facebook group is very active in November and December every year, then kinda tapers off and just has a few related event announcements the rest of the year:

If you want to visit the actual event page for Dallas Santa Rampage on Facebook you’ll see the guest list, RSVPs and other relevant comments. And that’s where you can invite your friends. They’ll thank you for it, trust Santa.

Follow Santa on Twitter the day of rampage to keep up with his movements. (@dallassanta)

And if you must email Santa, you can do so, but there is no guarantee he will respond. He’s crazy busy, ya know!

1 thought on “Contact

  1. Hey Fellow Santas!! Quesetion… Is the December 2013 scheduled being used for this coming Saturday’s event (Dec 6th, 2014)? I couldn’t find a December 2014 schedule! Let me know… Ho Ho Ho!

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