Santa releases the 2014 Rampage Route!

Santa knows you’ve been patiently waiting to see what’s in store for Rampage this year. Lots of fun things planned for this event! Make sure you have your boombox ready to go with fresh batteries, dancin’ shoes, small bills, DART pass and ID.

The PDF is higher quality than the jpeg so Santa recommends you download the PDF and print it out or keep it available on your smart phone. In fact, print out several copies to share with your friends.

Click here for map PDF >> DallasSantaRampage-2014 << Click here for map PDF

Remember: all this magic happens without Santa charging for tickets. Santa depends on the generous donations (large and small) from Dallas Santas. The more donations we get, the more fun we can provide for Santa. Please Paypal your donation to Santa will use it wisely.

Clicking the jpeg below will take you to a larger version; Santa recommends you save it to the Photos app on your smart phone so it is always with you. HO!

Dallas Santa Rampage 2014 route

Dallas Santa Rampage 2014 route

Last Minute Santa Advice!

Save $$$, Save Time!

Santa offers you these Apps to download for your x-tra Special night of Rampage!
And let’s thank Transport-Santa for all the Help!
  • GoPass (to buy DART rail passes)
  • PayByPhone (to pay for parking meters)
  • Lyft (car service)
  • Uber (car service — UberX is super affordable, Santa!)

Bring Cash. Santa’s from the North Pole. 

Think of this like your Candy-caned Center Pole of North Texas with all the Jingle Balls and Twinkle Lites on Top!

Bring Ones.
And Fives.
Carry a few Tens if you plan on buyin’ for a group of Santas!
Kringle Kash. Moolah. Green Stuff.
Dallas Santa Rampage is NOT the place to be with only a plastic card to buy your jolly.

Be Patient

Santa says Proof-Reader-Santa is checking the list, checking it twice….
Ensuring ALL Specials are there; printed real nice.

Also make sure Santa is PATIENT on the night of Rampage:

  • patient to get to the next SantaStop
  • patient to get a shot/beer/slice/taco at our venues
  • patient to get a bartender’s attention
  • patient to get into a stall (or in front of a urinal)
  • patient for change for that $100 (ass-hat-Santa!)
  • patient in the SANTA CONGA LINE!

ooops …

Today’s the day!

Gooooood morning Dallas! Are you ready to RRRAAAAAAMMMPPPPAAAGGGEEE!?!? Its a gorgeous day, and its projected down to a perfect 57 degrees. Got your list? Check it twice!

Eat. Hydrate. Comfy walking shoes. DART pass. Maps/Scarols. Dance steps. Candy canes. Christmas cheer. And, of course, for the Ho’s…LIPSTICK!

Bring your game face and we will see you at 3! We are SO friggin stoked! 2012, Santa!!!


Santa has released the route map!

Is this what you’ve been waiting for? Santa recommends you download and print the PDF. Page one has the map, page two has the scarols. In fact, print a few extras to share with your friends. Then download the JPEG and keep it on your smart phone, just in case.

Click here for map PDF >> dallassantarampage2012 << Click here for map PDF

Map route and schedule for Dallas Santa Rampage 2012

Map route and schedule for Dallas Santa Rampage 2012

Scarols for Dallas Santa Rampage 2012

Scarols for Dallas Santa Rampage 2012

Santa’s transpo tips

Santa can walk, bike, roll, cycle, blade, sleigh, bus, limo the Rampage Route any way Santa sees fit. Santa supplies the Rampage, the route, the Reindeer Games — YOU join us!

Just a BIG reminder…being that we are hoofing it, make sure your footwear is good for walking (and dancing). Leave “ooh-la-la stilettos” at la casa.

Google Maps Santa is estimating the walking length of this year’s rampage to be 2 miles + the stairs (Santa warned you about those stairs, remember?)
And DART Santa wants to remind you that the cost for a local one day pass has gone from $4 to $5.

Santa needs some dough

Since the OFFICIAL DALLAS SANTA RAMPAGE once again is going cheap – DART rail – Santa is asking for donations (of any size) for your fave experiences along the way. In the past, Santa has provided snow for snow angels; Kazoos and Song sheets for Caroling; and Santa has even paid for props & prizes for Reindeer games.
(hey, Santa is gettin’ you low-cost booze specials, grinch!!!)
Although Rampage is a relatively inexpensive event, Santa does have some costs involved (and suppliers just don’t take ClausCheks for payment).

Send PayPal donations to

Where will Dallas Santas Rampage?

Santa says,
“We have Rampaged in the West End,
over East in Deep Ellum, and
down near South Side.
“This year Santa will Rampage
NORTH of downtown Dallas!!!”
That is right….SANTA RAMPAGE will be a bit north of where we have enjoyed our festivities in the past.
And this year Santa will travel by dart train and TROLLEY! 😉

Santa Rampage Rule #8

Dress the part, dammit!
You have had more than a month to plan for this shin-dig, so don’t just wear some Wal-crap hat and expect your jingle bells to get you all the red-dressed-hot-chicks!
TONS of places have Santa stuff. Get creative! Dress as Vixen, SmurfSanta, a Chanukah Chicken, JesusSanta, an Elf, SteamPunkSanta, One-legged-Hooker-Santa; hell, come as a damn snowflake…sure-as-shit know Texans won’t get any of the white stuff THIS season!
Bottom line: it’s just more fun in costume – so, deck your balls!

Santa Rampage Rule #7

During the evening, Santa’s BFFs (or at least high on the VIP list) include:

  • Police Officers
  • Security Guards
  • DART Safety Officers
  • Bouncers & Door Keepers
  • SantaStop Owners & Managers-on-Duty
  • Taxi Drivers
  • Parking Attendants & Valets
  • All local, state & federal Laws
  • Mom
Getting arrested is NOT FUN, for you and for anyone else involved! The authorities and local businesses usually take Santa’s antics in the loving holiday spirit Santa intends, so be nice to them.