Santa releases the 2014 Rampage Route!

Santa knows you’ve been patiently waiting to see what’s in store for Rampage this year. Lots of fun things planned for this event! Make sure you have your boombox ready to go with fresh batteries, dancin’ shoes, small bills, DART pass and ID.

The PDF is higher quality than the jpeg so Santa recommends you download the PDF and print it out or keep it available on your smart phone. In fact, print out several copies to share with your friends.

Click here for map PDF >> DallasSantaRampage-2014 << Click here for map PDF

Remember: all this magic happens without Santa charging for tickets. Santa depends on the generous donations (large and small) from Dallas Santas. The more donations we get, the more fun we can provide for Santa. Please Paypal your donation to Santa will use it wisely.

Clicking the jpeg below will take you to a larger version; Santa recommends you save it to the Photos app on your smart phone so it is always with you. HO!

Dallas Santa Rampage 2014 route

Dallas Santa Rampage 2014 route

Last Minute Santa Advice!

Save $$$, Save Time!

Santa offers you these Apps to download for your x-tra Special night of Rampage!
And let’s thank Transport-Santa for all the Help!
  • GoPass (to buy DART rail passes)
  • PayByPhone (to pay for parking meters)
  • Lyft (car service)
  • Uber (car service — UberX is super affordable, Santa!)

Bring Cash. Santa’s from the North Pole. 

Think of this like your Candy-caned Center Pole of North Texas with all the Jingle Balls and Twinkle Lites on Top!

Bring Ones.
And Fives.
Carry a few Tens if you plan on buyin’ for a group of Santas!
Kringle Kash. Moolah. Green Stuff.
Dallas Santa Rampage is NOT the place to be with only a plastic card to buy your jolly.

Be Patient

Santa says Proof-Reader-Santa is checking the list, checking it twice….
Ensuring ALL Specials are there; printed real nice.

Also make sure Santa is PATIENT on the night of Rampage:

  • patient to get to the next SantaStop
  • patient to get a shot/beer/slice/taco at our venues
  • patient to get a bartender’s attention
  • patient to get into a stall (or in front of a urinal)
  • patient for change for that $100 (ass-hat-Santa!)
  • patient in the SANTA CONGA LINE!

ooops …

Santa & I know it: instructional video for Dallas Santas


Hey, Santa…you got PASSION in your PANTS? Then, do the dance, Santa…do that dance!

Join Santa in this year’s flash mob dance! Time and place — during the Rampage (TBA). Watch the video. Practice the dance. Yell out the words. It’s EASY. If these elves can do it, Santa can too! We are going to rock it with 300 of us. HO!